Three styles, three themes, three transpositions.
One unifying Chain.

Chain is a 45-minute film which intents to analyze three music styles (Classical, Rock and Jazz), showing what they have in common and not, to then present how can musics be transposed from one style into another.

The film is the result of my group's work for the 12th grade subject Project Area. The project included a 2.10 meters tall by 1.2 meter wide triangular structure, with three screens attached to each side, for the exhibition week and a transposition composed and recorded by ourselves: Breaking the Habit, from Linkin Park, transposed into Jazz.

The project is in Portuguese but, if you do not understand the language, you can just watch our transposition.

Awesome Sauce

Slumnoob Milionaire

This was actually the first video I have ever worked on. It is a small and simple machinima my group made as our 1st term project for the English class on the subject Multiculturalism.

As we had just seen Slumdog Millionaire on class, it became the "beginning" of the movie. And, although it is quite simple, it was enough to leave all the class astonished, as they had never seen anything like this before.

On a side note, the main joke is in Portuguese, so do not blame yourself if you cannot understand it.

Awesome Rights

This short video is a much more ambitious project than the previous one. It is the work my group made as our 2nd term project for the English class, this time on the subject Human Rights. It is much more serious than the previous one, including from footages at Coimbra's downtown to scenes recorded on studio.

The video is not yet ready to be displayed to the general audience, though. Stay tuned!