Developing has never been easy. It takes significant time and has some costs, from hosting fees to hardware equipment. Therefore, donations to support my projects are welcome.

Currently, I'm looking for help to pay for the laptop which I had to buy for university: a 15 inch MacBook Pro, which costs 1799€ (2599$) on my country. Please remember that it is this computer which allows me to continue being efficient developing the software I provide to anyone for free.

Thank you for your support!

Previous Donations

Previously donations were accepted at But, has Pledgie started to charge fees on donations, the campaign has been moved to this site.

I would like to express my gratitude to amlorusso and the three anonymous donators who shown their generosity at Pledgie. The money they gave was used to buy a WD 2TB hard drive which I desperately needed to make backups and save the media files for my video projects.

Thank you guys! (and girls, I hope)